Sunday, October 26, 2008

6-hour solo, 12 laps, 2nd overall (on a Singlespeed)

I raced men's singlespeed again and placed 2nd out of 66 total solo racers (59 men, 7 women). There were 15 of us in the singlespeed class. I love the Fireline as a singlespeed; it is so fast, light and smooth! Two weeks ago I finished ~8.5 minutes behind Stephen Ridgeway in a 6-hour solo race. I thought that was too much to make up, but yesterday I finished only ~2.5 minutes back. We were the only two solo racers with 12 laps! Out of the 43 teams, there were also two (3-person-male) teams with 12 laps (due to the muddy conditions the course was slower than last year.) This is what happens when you invite your parents to a race: Aside from a little poster embarrassment, it was great to have them at the race. They helped me out with feeds and split times. I was hoping Stephen would think I couldn't fit in a 12th lap and would quit early, but his Dad was giving him splits as well... Supportive families are awesome.


  1. That poster is AWESOME! I love the socks :-)

    Congrats on another great race!!!

  2. Hammerhead!

    Way to drill it on the old home turf. 2.5 min over 6 hours ain't nuthing but a hiccup, gonna get another shot before you start training again?

    I love it when chicks make guys shake in their chammys at the start line.