Monday, March 16, 2009


It is that time of year, races everywhere. These are "race with the guys" races and so much fun.
Thursday Joy and Adam put together a last minute weekly short track practice. 10+ racers showed with about one day's notice. Pretty cool. To make it even more fun we did a figure 8. ever seen figure 8 car/bus racing? that was us. see Joy and Matt's (March 13th) write up. The course was open so we had a family out for a hike complete with off-road stroller on the course for a while, crazy. Going through the crossover/two-way section the on-coming racer yells to me "stroller!" my thought was "huh??", then as I rounded the blind corner "oh".
Saturday's Racers and Chasers race was great, a mass start of ~ 100 racers, lots of fun singletrack, including switchback climbs. The branded handmade leather number plates was an original idea.
I just dropped the fireline off at Incycle, if everything goes right I'll pick it up tomorrow and it will have become a Specialized S-Works Carbon race bike! The fireline frame will become a designated singlespeed!

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  1. I really like my Specialized Epic, please post some pictures when you get the new frame.