Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Bike and Incycle DH team

My 2009 Race Bike!
Lala (Incycle) brought a white stem and bars to the race, Todd and I got them on in time to race. The warmup was a bit short, but I had a white stem! Incycle can get anything quickly, they usually have it in stock and can ship out same day (or if you are lucky, bring it to you at your race). The final Shimano Winter Series Race (CA) was this weekend. I was the only Pro Woman, but that didn't matter to the Incycle DH team who cheered from all parts of the course, thanks guys! Blair heckled a guy in front of me then yelled at me to go catch him, Jason followed me up a singletrack climb (on his DH bike) and coached me to the top, of course Lala screamed from the Incycle pit.
Another race picture by Eric Foltz
My picture on the Downhill Team Race Trailer (and van). The Team Chillin' Jason 4X Race Jason Post Super-D Race Brothers Jason and Joe Simpson

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