Sunday, November 22, 2009

MTB El Tour de Tucson and Trips for Kids

One tank of gas in a month, I think that is a first. You can ride your bike everywhere in Tucson. This week the El Tour de Tucson and ~9000 people came to town. I was debating doing part of it but heard way too many injury stories. Instead we hung out at the tour expo on Wednesday...
Recovery Socks at the El Tour Expo
...and did an around-and-over Mt Lemmon ride on mountain bikes Saturday.
Top of Mt Lemmon with Todd, Rudy, Tom and Dejay. All downhill from here.
ride profile (Topofusion).
From "home", across Tucson, up to the town of Oracle, up the backside of Mt Lemmon (dirt), stop at Summerhaven store for fudge then down the pavement, back "home".
Kids on bikes
Sunday was spent with a group of kids riding in the Saguaro National Forest (East) thanks to Trips for Kids Southern Arizona.


  1. Overheard on a recent ride with Krista... "not that I'd ever actually do a ride longer than six hours..."

    Awesome that you smoked those guys on OTL. A classic Tucson ride.

  2. haha, oh yeah, we were tricked! Dejay said it would take ~6 hours and never mentioned a distance.

    There was no smoking it was a chill, social ride for sure. Luckily Todd and I had MTB granny gears for the dirt climb, those other guys were on cross bikes...