Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to plug a tire with Genuine Innovations plugs

What do you do when you get a puncture in your tubeless tire during a group ride and the tire keeps spewing Stans? Well, if you are riding with us, you get a quick plug and you are on your way. Last week we plugged two tires. First Todd's, which he continues to run. He has put ~ 200 miles on it since and doesn't see the need to change a "perfectly good tire". Then Saturday we pre-rode part of the Kentucky Camp course and Todd plugged Mike's tire. Although we had plenty of CO2, neither of them had lost enough air to bother with it.
Happy Mike.
Marty Mares, CEO of Genuine Innovations, was kind enough to give us a tour of the facility a couple of weeks ago. Todd and I met many of the employees, saw the operation and got a sneak peak at some new products. It was interesting to learn that they do more than just bicycle products. article here
Some Goodies from Genuine Innovations:
Check out my red and super-custom pink nozzles!! And Todd's Niner 25g CO2s.
New pumps. Todd loves the Campione with simple press-on/replaceable brass fitting. I like them both, I am guessing the Campione will be with Todd's gear next time I go to look for it...
Visit to Genuine Innovations:
Posing with Marty in front of the cases of past and present products which, among many other items, include a CO2 self tanning applicator, a gun barrel CO2 wad shooter (a device to clean gun barrels) and something that helps doctors open up clogged arteries during angioplasty procedures.
Touring the facility
Checking out the Big Air label process


  1. I've got some tire plugs also but I've not used them yet. Between having Stans and not letting them wear too thin I've been lucky to not have a flat. But then again I don't ride where there are lots of Cacti like you, LOL. Looks like you and Todd continue to have much fun!