Saturday, January 1, 2011

December in Phoenix, AZ

 Picture taken by Scott Morris, see his blog for more great pictures.

November was all about getting caught up from the year of traveling, taking care of all RV repairs and working on 2011 sponsorship. I was supposed to be in Tucson and ready to train beginning Dec 1st, but the RV repairs took seven weeks instead of the originally scheduled three... It turns out Phoenix is not a bad place to train! I mixed in fun rides with get-the-mind-back-to-training type rides.

 McDowell 50  an Arizona Endurance Series event

McDowell 50 article here

 Another McDowell 50 picture by Scott Morris

Kentucky Camp, another Arizona Endurance Series event

Some Kentucky Camp finishers. The coolest thing about these events is that everyone hangs out waiting for all the riders/racers to come in. There is usually a campfire to grill on and people camp out.

Tucson Examiner Article about the Kentucky Camp event here

Fun night ride with the Phoenix Meet Up group.  Thanks Amy!

 Removing the fridge and it's coils.

 New cooling system.

Yes, a fridge that works! Thanks to Andy and Allison (Durango) and Todd's mom Barbara (New Mexico) for storing (and saving) my frozen green chile along the way, and to Todd's step-Dad Chris for bringing it down to Phoenix when I had a working fridge.  Only people from NM will understand the chile obsession.

 Finding road routes east of Phoenix

My RV repair guys became fans of Power Bar Trail Mix bars. It seems like no one knows about these; they are my favorite.

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  1. Hey Krista-
    First all these photos are really making me jealous! Im in N Seattle right now and… snowflakes are falling outside the window. I did ride a couple time last week, maybe some photos on my blog later today.

    2 nd - Very cool full page photo in the Feb issue of MTB Action. Love it, just wish I had taken the shot- Congratulations to you!