Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fontana Pro XCT

Lene (Norway) did an amazing job taking the XC win. Mical Dyck (Canada) did a good write up on the XC race here. My race felt as she described her's, so I'll just link to it. The only difference was that I was about 5 spots behind her the entire race. The wind was nuts, I was literally blow from one side of the paved road to the other before I had time to process what was happening.  I saw Aleksandra (Poland) get blown over in the singletrack! It was a great weekend of race efforts and fun to see everyone. Lots more info on MTB Racenews

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  1. Good job. Nice write up and I know just what she means about the coffee. That wind storm made it to southern AZ a couple days later and found me riding in it from Patagonia Lake where my jeep had broke down into Nogales and back for parts.
    Love the look of your new bike- good luck to you!