Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leaving Tucson

The winter is over and we are moving on, however the cars did not want to leave Tucson!

Saturday we had a MTB ride planned with Scott Morris (our Tucson tour guide). Todd and I almost made it to the Starr Pass parking lot when the van decided it didn't want to go any further. It is now in the shop. In Tucson. But we did get the ride in thanks to Scott waiting on us, transferring all our junk into his car and giving us a ride home afterward. Thanks Scott!!

Sunday we had to pack up and head to CA. It rained all day and the truck decided it didn't want to go anywhere.

If the little 4WD pickup could sink into the mud what was the 32,000 lb RV going to do?  We finally decided to give it a shot, the trick was to just get going and not stop till we were clear of all the mud, a bit of an adrenaline rush trying to navigate the tackroom, branches, turns and gate with speed. We got everything on pavement, hooked up the truck and finally hit the road late Sunday night.

I dropped Todd off at the Onterio, Ca airport ~1.5 hours before his flight Monday morning. Whew.
This afternoon I set up the house, had time for a nap then met the Incycle boys for dinner after their Monday night MTB ride.

Great photos of Saturday's ride by Scott, a camera quick draw artist.

Camera phone shot of Scott and Todd

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  1. You have to be quick on the draw to catch you speedsters on camera! It was a good ride despite the mishap.

    Looks nice and green there in CA. No issues with mud, too!