Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FRS Clinic, Scalpel

I am very thankful to FRS for helping me out with my clinics this year!! As well as all of my sponsors and non-sponsors that donate give-a-ways:

 Need a Stan's Solution top-off? 

Or a sample of CarboRocket?

Thursday's FRS Clinic at the new Incycle store was a lot of fun. 50 second video here. I will continue to provide clinics as I travel, please contact me if you are interested (see upper right side of blog for contact info).

A picture from the Bonelli race two weeks ago on the Cannondale Flash.

My Scalpel! (20.7lbs as raced)

This weekend I tried out the (small) Scalpel in the XC, then rode the (medium) Flash in ST and was back to the Scalpel for Super-D at Fontana. These are proving to be great bikes to choose from. I was a little nervous going to bikes I had never even ridden and I had a hard time deciding on sizes, but I made all the right decisions! Thanks to all the Cannondale, or former Cannondale, girls Sue, Nina, Cass and Jenna for answering all my questions, it really helped and I appreciate it! 

 Super-D (4th)

I am still working on locking-out and un-locking the Lefty, but the ride is awesome. The Flash rear end is so smooth, and the Scalpel can climb like a road bike, which allows some overlap on which bike to choose for a given course.  I un-knowingly chose color over Hi-Mod carbon on the Scalpel, apparently only the red version of the Flash is in the new lighter carbon. I still have a few parts to swap out, the Flash seat collar isn't really cutting it, and since the Flash is designed for 140 rotors I need to go to 140 on both rear ends. Saturday I raced the Scalpel set up with 160 rotors, but had my "spare" (Flash) rear wheel in the Tech Zone with a 140 rotor on it. Had I needed the spare it would have been a fun ride.

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