Friday, October 19, 2007


After leaving Florida we spent the day in Anniston, AL so Todd could put in another day working in Talladega. We rode the Cheaha State Park trails Thursday. Todd worked Friday. I did errands and sat for three hours at a doctor's office trying to get something for the poison sumac, chiggers and fire ant bites that are almost covering me including my face (more welcome to the south items).
Saturday Todd and I did our first cyclocross race (Nashville, TN). Thanks to Dan Hensley and Cumberland Transit I was able to borrow a cross bike. Todd rode his hardtail. We pulled into TN at midnight the night before the race and started the cyclocross DVD that Kari Linder recommended over a year ago. I had ordered it, but never opened it. We got through the mounting and dismounting sections then went to bed. The morning of the race we watched the carrying section while we rushed around getting ready. We got to the race (late), I put my pedals on the borrowed cross bike, took the cages off (didn't adjust the seat or anything) then raced. I raced Pro/1/2, Todd raced Masters 35+, I placed 1st (of only 4 women, but I raced with the Cat3s so had plenty of people to race). Todd started one minute behind us and passed me right before the finish line, he placed 3rd of 12. We did it again on Sunday then had beer and food with Thad, Troy (pictured), Dan and Holly. Thanks to Holly for the good food and place to hang out.

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