Saturday, October 6, 2007

2007 Fall Trip to the Southeast

Drive, ride, not enough sleep. Drive, ride, not enough sleep. Drive, ride, not enough sleep. I drive late, Todd drives early, pets eat whenever, we sleep when we can. We tried to ride a bit every day just to keep our legs loose. 09/29: Nevada to NM, arrived Tijeras, NM campground 3:00am. 09/30: rode Cedro one last time, drove to TX, spent the night on the road when neither one of us could drive (3:00am-7:00am). 10/01: Arrived Tyler State Park, "East" TX 5:00pm. Rode good trails at the park. HUMIDITY! BUGS! I was soaked just walking out the front door and eaten alive before we unhooked. Welcome to the south. 10/2: Rode Tyler State Park trails again, shipped eBay items out from the local post office, drove east, spent the night on the road when we both needed sleep. 10/3: Arrived Anniston, AL campground ~10:00am. Todd washed up and went into work (Talladega), I went to sleep. That evening was an easy spin on Chief Ladega trail (Silver Comet on the AL side). 9:30pm I started driving toward Florida. (I like driving at night anyway and we did not want to deal with Atlanta daytime traffic.) I got us past Macon and we spent the night at Camping World. 10/4: Todd did some Camping World shopping when they opened then headed to Florida. I stayed in bed for a while. Arrived Hanna Park, FL. Short easy spin in Hanna Park mud, light rain at sunset. 10/5: RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. No ride. Shipped some wheels to Germany and Puerto Rico (eBay), found a Starbucks, stayed indoors the rest of the day. No more driving for a few days. Thursday October 06, 2007 - 11:10am (MDT)

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