Thursday, October 18, 2007

Interbike, Ride with Tinker

Monday and Tuesday was spent at the Bootleg Demo, test riding bikes and socializing with a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while. The doors to Interbike opened Wednesday and we attended the Cross Vegas race. I had never seen a cross race, they made the mounting/dismounting look easy. Todd had to fly out for a job Wed night, I rode a night ride at Red Rock led by Tinker Juarez. There was a big turnout for the night ride (a bike demo ride by Cannondale and a light company). We split into three groups, the fastest (smallest) group went with Tinker, a fast local guy (the leader), 5 other guys (mostly non-American racers) and me.

I was a little worried that the pace would be too fast, but after the first 5 minutes or so (where I thought I would be dropped for sure) it was perfect. It was a fun ride, hammer as hard as possible (for me) then stop and wait. At first everyone was fast and I was in the back, but as guys fumbled I would pass. By the halfway point I was riding 2nd or 3rd, Tinker chilled out behind me, he is the nicest guy, no ego whatsoever. It was pretty crazy, twisty-turny-rocky with a low powered handlebar light that kept coming loose. If I was not on another guy's tail I could not see or stay on the trail. I think I hit my pedals and bottom bracket more times than I have all year put together. There were some super-fast, buff, swoopy sections that were pretty scary (at speed, in the dark), I was riding second through that section and didn't want to hold anyone up. After a really rocky section I got a flat (rear tubeless TTs with Stans). I added air and rode out on less than 20 lbs, the Stans held. After the flat I was leading for a while, big ring semi-rolling section, I got really tired and pulled over to let the whole group by and it was only Tinker and the local leader guy. The three of us came in together, the rest of the group had broken up. :) Thursday October 18, 2007 - 10:22am (MDT)

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