Monday, August 10, 2009

New Kit, SS, Racers and Bears - not related

New Kit:

Thanks and Pro Mfg!

My SS:

The weekly SS rides have been a blast, now if only the frame was a S-Works carbon w/horizontal dropouts and it had King Cages...

PT hub to keep Lynda happy.

Bears, our new neighbors:

Mama Bear nicely opened the motorhome compartment, see paw prints:
She removed the stuff in the way (no damage) and took my dog food bins down the hill to Grandma's house. .
They obviously worked for a while but were able to spin open the lids and have dinner. I watched them return the next night and try the latch again, but this time I had locked it. I yelled at them to go away, they did and haven't tried to get in again. We have seen them cut through the yard though.
CO Trail Racers:

Scott and Max

Dave Harris finished in the dark with a hub that wasn't really working. The CO Trail racers were finishing in Durango (they started in Denver). Checking their gps locations and trying to figure out if they were sleeping, eating, or riding was entertaining. I was able to go to the trail and meet a few of them, I ran across Ethan changing a flat ~ 3 miles from the finish. The next evening I met Max in the parking lot waiting on Scott Morris. I rode ~ 5 miles then ran into Scott, I followed him out and he was riding like he had just jumped on his bike, crazy. MTBCast also had updates on the riders as they called in and left messages along the way.
NY: I leave for New York on Wednesday, hope my social Durango training pays off...


  1. Thanks for the pic, and good seeing you out there. CTR 2010 for you, maybe? :)

  2. Where did the pink go? That was the best part about your kit!! :) Bri