Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Windham NY: XC Flat! (15th). 10th in Short Track.

Wednesday: loooong travel day. I left Vallecito Lake at 6:00am, drove to Albuquerque, flew to Las Vegas (kinda the wrong direction), lost $40 trying to get rich at the slots, flew to Albany, drove a rental to Windham, got into my horrible room at 2:00 am. Thursday: Tried to find another hotel, ended up swapping rooms at the same hotel (to one with an air-conditioner and no giant ants), built bike, Stans'd tires, pre-rode course, washed muddy bike, and tried to find food and ice. Friday: slept. a lot. Pre-rode and washed the bike again then found the awesome Taste Cafe. Sadie and everyone there were so nice and the food was great. Saturday: XC. Third row call-up since I have missed three Pro Tour Races. After slowly making my way through the pack, I was sitting two spots behind Pua, feeling strong and so happy with my legs. We finished the first climb and hit the downhill. I heard the dreaded hiss of a flat tire. My 1st response is always denial, "it isn't my tire"; then pleading "please seal, please seal!". I ended up limping to the start/finish techzone, getting on and off the bike multiple times trying to get the gash to seal and hold air. I slid out any time I leaned the least little bit and nailed the rim on every single rock. Getting passed by the entire field is a horrible feeling. To make it worse, I hadn't aired my spare wheels. As soon as I swapped to the new wheel the rim bottomed out and I thought "oh no"! I got off, filled it with my new BigAir and took off. Motivation lasted an entire 2-minutes then, remembering where I was and not seeing anyone to pass, I just wanted to pull out. All that work for nothing. My goal had been to finish 10th and I was now ~ 30th. It took a bit of persuading but I told myself it was practice for the NY World Cup next year and Todd would kill me if I spent all that money to get out there and quit after only one lap... Plus, if I could finish Sea Otter, I could finish this. I kept going and made it up to 15th by the finish line, 4 seconds behind Judy Freeman. Sunday: ST. I was called up 2nd to last since I have not done a single series ST this year. Legs again felt good and I was able to finish 10th, again behind Judy Freeman. Got back to the hotel to find my door wide open. nice, at least I now had clean towels... Monday: Another long travel day, made it "home" at 1:00am. Tuesday: After 6 hours sleep I was up to get the dogs from the kennel in Durango, unpack, build up bike, have dinner and play cards with Grandma and Aunt and Uncle, then I slept for 10 hours! Expensive trip, but it was worth it to verify my fitness level and to see the course for next year. Plus, I really enjoy seeing and talking to everyone. To make up for it (and the $40 in Vegas) I just bought a $5 Power Ball ticket (the first one of my life) so keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Whaaaaat??? Okay first of all I thought you weren't allowed to gamble?? Second off, you didn't air your tires? Where is TP when you need him? And finally you let the Scotty too hotty biker beat you? Oh man, this gives me hope. :) And I'm glad you didn't quit. KP, this rad pro racer I know, once told me never to quit and I always listen to what she has to say. (Even though she just eats carrots and bagged tuna. Gross!)